Bermuda’s Postmaster Provisionals by L. N. Williams

This is an article taken from the Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, vol.1, pp.5-10, by L. N. Williams, published by David Feldman in 1992, with updates since its publication. Perot’s First Issue All the Bermuda Postmasters’ stamps are classic examples of stamps first discovered and recorded many years after they were issued. All have […]

Philatelic Display in Bermuda

On 19th to 28th April 2012 there will be an exhibition in Bermuda in celebration of the Bermuda Post Office’s 200th anniversary. On display will be eight of the eleven known 1854 Perots, including three from the Queen’s Collection, two from the collection of David Saul (the former Premier of Bermuda), and the three from […]