New Great Philatelic Collections book: The KANAI Collection

We are honoured to present our latest Great Philatelic Collections book dedicated to the Classic Japan Collection of Hiroyuki Kanai. This book as well as the Tribute to Mr. Kanai have been presented by both the President of the Royal Philatelic Society and the Monaco Club at the prestigious Monaco exhibition cocktail evening on December 6th.

20th Anniversary of the Hiroyuki Kanai Auction of Mauritius

November 3rd marked the 20th Anniversary of the famous Hiroyuki Kanai auction of Mauritius by David Feldman. On November 3rd 1993, the world record price for any philatelic item was set (and still stands to do this day): the famous “Bordeaux Cover” of Mauritius (pictured) sold for a staggering CHF 6’123’750, smashing the previous record […]

Hiroyuki Kanai (1925-2012)

One of the very few great philatelists who became a legend in his own lifetime, Mr Hiroyuki Kanai, has sadly left us. Despite the distance, the language and the culture differences between the country and city where he lived and worked and the subjects he championed, Mr Kanai formed some of the very best collections […]