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The Faces of the Romanov Empire

Unlike the world news we in the philatelic realm can swerve the international cyberattack squabble and get our faces into something far more tangible regarding Russia this month and that’s the news we have The “Nikolai” Collection of Romanov Essays and Proofs to...
King Edward VII Essays Proofs & Postal Adhesives 1901 to 1911 Private Treaty

The Most Colourful King in Monocolour

Let’s be candid, King Edward VII (1841 to 1910) devoured the pleasures of life in quantities that even back then were considered detrimental to your health. Nowadays, if you consumed such vices, and we’re not just talking about smoking and drinking, in similar...
The Philatelic Exile Legendary Collector #24 King Carol II

The Philatelic Exile Legendary Collector #25 King Carol II

It’s staggering how little has been written in philatelic terms about a man who collected stamps at the highest level and appeared upon stamps as well. King Carol II (1893 to 1953) is best remembered as the King of Romania between 1930 and 1940, who abdicated and...

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Museum of Philately

The Museum is intended to be a resource of philately for all people with an interest in the high-end of the hobby of collectible stamps and postal history

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