Mauritius philatelic Jewels sold at auction

Bombay Cover Mauritius

On December 1, 2016 the Mauritius specialised auction realised a total of more than 3.8 EUR Million for only 6 lots. The auction room was full of interested clients, with most of the current owners of the Post Office issue also present by telephone and via bidding agents. Following the fantastic re-discovery in 2015 of […]

One of the “Crown Jewels” of philately

Bombay Cover Mauritius

David Feldman SA will have the honour to auction the famous Bombay Cover on December 1st, 2016 in Geneva. This philatelic rarity is considered by many to be the greatest philatelic item in existence! There is no doubt that with only twenty-six examples in existence today, the first postage stamps of Mauritius, the famous “Post […]

The “Bombay” Cover – an Aristocrat of Philately

The “Primitives”: Mauritius “Post Office” The “Bombay” Cover – an Aristocrat of Philately There are only six covers recorded with the first, “POST OFFICE” issue, printed one at a time from a small plate of two subjects, one a 1d value, in vermilion, the other a 2d, in blue. Three of the covers are single […]

The “Primitives”: Mauritius “Post Office”

An Overview Issued in September 1847, this issue holds the distinction of being the first government issue of any British Colony (the famous “Lady McLeod” of Trinidad, issued earlier in April 1847, was a private issue tolerated but not authorised by the government). The issue was also only the fifth to be issued world-wide !

20th Anniversary of the Hiroyuki Kanai Auction of Mauritius

November 3rd marked the 20th Anniversary of the famous Hiroyuki Kanai auction of Mauritius by David Feldman. On November 3rd 1993, the world record price for any philatelic item was set (and still stands to do this day): the famous “Bordeaux Cover” of Mauritius (pictured) sold for a staggering CHF 6’123’750, smashing the previous record […]