This page offers instructions for new bidders to our auctions. It explain the difference between bids placed prior to the auction and bids placed live during the auction. It also gives a complete list of the different bidding methods. If you are looking for the conditions of sale, they are available on a separate page.


Pre-bids are bids placed prior to the auction. They will be defended by the auctioneer during the live auction session against the room bidders, the live bidders and the phone bidders.

You are invited to enter your maximum bid. Your first bid will be the start price plus a bid step* and will then be increased up to your maximum against other bidders or the reserve, if any. Pre-bids must be placed at least 3 hours before the live auction start.
There are many options when it comes to placing pre-bids, here is the complete list 

On our website

You must be registered on our website to place pre-bids. The registration takes place on the My Account page and only takes a few seconds. When you have completed the registration process, please go to our Auctions page where you can find links to browse our upcoming auctions and place bids on any available lot.

By e-mail

You can always use the contact form on our website or email [email protected] to place your bids. 

On auction portals

We currently post our auctions to Stamp Auction Network and Philasearch. Please refer to their FAQ for instructions on how to place bids.

By phone

You can call +41 22 727 07 77 during office hours and leave your bids with our staff. 

By fax

You can fax your bids to +41 22 727 07 78.



Telephone bidders should confirm in writing 48 hours before the auction indicating the lot numbers you wish to bid on and phone number(s) where you can be reached during the auction. Due to the availability of multiple other bidding options, telephone bidding is accepted at the discretion of David Feldman SA and may be subject to additional charges. One of our philatelists will call you a few lots in advance of your first lot of interest, and bid for you directly during the auction.


Live bids are placed during the auction by room bidders, phone bidders or live bidders, which are the three methods available to place live bids.

Room bidders attend the auction in person, register and are attributed a paddle number. Then they can attend the auction room where they can place bids by raising their paddle number.

Live Online Bidding

Live internet bidders use our live auction software. It requires the same registration process as for placing pre-bids on

You must be registered on our website to use our live auction software. The registration takes place on the My Account page and only takes a few seconds.

When registering you instantly get a 10’000 CHF credit limit. If you wish to increase this limit, please contact us by email.

We offer a practice interface so that you can get comfortable with the way our auction software works. The practice interface is identical to the live interface but the bids are not saved and the lots does not physically exists. You can log in to the practice auction with the same credentials at the following address:

At the time of the auction, go to and log in at the top of the page. On the left part of the screen is the lot currently being auction, you can see the image, the description, the current bid and the next bid. To place a bid, wait for the lot you are interested in and use the green button to place your bid, you always bid the amount shown as Next Bid.

* A bid step amount is the set amount that a bid must be above the start price or the current bid. You can find the bid steps for an auction in the conditions of sales.