Spring Auction Series Results

résultats de la série de ventes aux enchères de printemps

Our traditional spring auction week held from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th of June, saw great results.     Discover the highlights of the first and second days with Indian States and GB & British Empire here. The third and fourth days, which saw Europe and collection lots going under the hammer, were well-attended by buyers […]

British Empire & Indian States results

stamp St. Christopher 1888 "ONE PENNY."

We have started our Spring Auction Series on Tuesday 12th June with our Indian States sales with more than 200 lots of Jammu & Kashmir.  Great Britain and British Commonwealth followed and produced some stunning results, with notable intense bidding on major rarities throughout. In spite of the amount of Australian material to have come to […]

Olympic Medals on Offer in our June Auction Series

Our June 11th-15th 2018 auction series will feature a section of Olympic memorabilia and stamps. One of the highlights of this section already consigned to us is a group of very rare 1936 Berlin Official Badges, including the extremely rare “Dr. Diem” Organising Committee badge. Most of which are in superb condition as they were […]

New “rarity of the world” discovery

St. Christopher 1888 “ONE PENNY.” stamp surcharge on 2½ d ultramarine One of the highlights of our upcoming June GB & British Empire auction will be the St. Christopher 1888 “ONE PENNY.” surcharge on 2 1/2d ultramarine with original value unobliterated. Catalogued at £22’000 by Stanley Gibbons, it is one of the most valuable stamps […]

Exceptional Results for the Mauritius Specialised sale

vente dédiée à l'Ile Maurice

Following David Feldman’s astounding auction and private treaty sales of the famous “Post Office” Issue in 2016, the Mauritius Auction results again confirmed the company’s reputation as the leading auction house for this beautiful island’s rare and prized stamps, with a sales result exceeding £1 million. Click here to see the prices realised. A remarkable […]

Jubilee Auction Results – France & Europe

Levant Français cover - stamp collection- Jubilee Auction

Our Jubilee Auction Series continued on Wednesday 6th December with the French Levant Collection of David Franco, the traditional France & Colonies auction, and the first part of the auction of European stamps, covers and collections. More than 1,000 lots were auctioned during the day. The bidding battles were particularly intense for the collections from France, Belgium […]

The “Primitives“: USA Postmaster Provisionals

The Unique “Blue Boy” Alexandria, VA Provisional Issue Postmaster Daniel Bryan Sometime around 1846 (date of the earliest known use of the Alexandrias), postmaster Daniel Bryan (who held that office from 1821 to 1853) was responsible for a typeset issue of 5 cent adhesives in two types, and printed on buff and on blue papers. […]

Research: A Smart Thing to Do

Philatelic collecting is a large spectrum. It begins with a simple accumulation (“Things I Like” or “Stamps from the Mail”), then a targeted accumulation (“World Classic Covers” or “Ships on Stamps”), progressing to a one-of-a-kind collection, then a specialised collection. Finally, many collectors make the leap to preparing philatelic exhibits, from the local level all […]

The “Bombay” Cover – an Aristocrat of Philately

The “Primitives”: Mauritius “Post Office” The “Bombay” Cover – an Aristocrat of Philately There are only six covers recorded with the first, “POST OFFICE” issue, printed one at a time from a small plate of two subjects, one a 1d value, in vermilion, the other a 2d, in blue. Three of the covers are single […]

The “Primitives”: Mauritius “Post Office”

An Overview Issued in September 1847, this issue holds the distinction of being the first government issue of any British Colony (the famous “Lady McLeod” of Trinidad, issued earlier in April 1847, was a private issue tolerated but not authorised by the government). The issue was also only the fifth to be issued world-wide !

British Guiana’s 1c Magenta by L. N. Williams

For the first time since the record-breaking auction in June last year, the famous British Guiana 1c Magenta will be on display on behalf of the new owner for at the prestigious Monacophil 2015 in December. Below is an article about the 1c Magenta taken from the Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, vol.2, pp.23-30, […]

Official Reports of the Olympic Games

If you read my blog post of last week regarding the Official medals and badges of the Olympics of the 1936 Berlin Games, you should have noticed that some of the important information came directly from the Official Report for the Games produced by the German government. So this week I thought I would talk […]