Daniel Flesher

Group CEO

Dan joined David Feldman in 2010 as CEO. Having graduated from Loughborough University, Dan has spent most of his career in accounting & finance with Deloitte & Touche, and notably Arthur Andersen. Prior to joining David Feldman, Dan served as a consultant to lawyers Baker & McKenzie and as Finance Director in two technology start-ups. In addition to his focus on finance & administration, Dan also leads the company’s marketing and technology initiatives and is also CEO of Feldman Frey Philatelic Group.

Fernando Martinez

Head of Philately

Fernando joined David Feldman in 2020 as Head of Philately. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Administration and Management from Universidad de Burgos in Spain, and comes to David Feldman after almost 20 years working for leading international stamp auction companies. His main role is to expand the company’s worldwide business, strengthen its position in core international markets, and develop the company’s network of business agents. Fernando speaks five languages (Spanish, English, Italian, German & French) and his philatelic expertise is focused on Latin American and European countries.

Marcus Orsi

Chief Philatelist

Marcus joined David Feldman in 1981, and has risen to become the company’s Head of Philately. In this role, Marcus has taken the lead in building upon David Feldman’s legacy by expanding the brand and its international exposure. Marcus has a leading role in business-getting, regularly travelling around the world to pick up new collections for auction. His philatelic specialities include the Middle East, Worldwide Classics and British Empire.

Ricardo Verra


Ricky joined David Feldman in 2009 shortly after graduating from Imperial College London with a degree in Physics. He is the specialist philatelist for GB, British Empire and Olympics. Based in Geneva, Ricky participates at all the FIP International exhibitions and major UK shows. Since joining David Feldman, Ricky is developing his expertise into new areas such as Egypt, Russia and the Far East.

Guy Croton

Senior Philatelist

Guy joined David Feldman in April 2019, as a Senior Philatelist, bringing almost 25 years of experience working for leading companies in the UK stamp business. Guy is based in London and has a leading role in developing and growing the company’s business in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking markets.

Administration & Finance

Fabrice Bac
Andreia Pereira

Client Relations

Marina Poncioni

Organisation & Marketing

Estelle Leclère


RK Technologies


Alex Porter
Gilles Lüthi


External Consultants

Agents and Representatives


David Feldman – Honorary Chairman

David MacDonnell (consultant in Ireland)

Tony Banwell (consultant in UK)

Michael Tseriotis (consultant in Greece)

Daniel Mirecki (agent and consultant in the United Kingdom)

Luca Lucarelli (agent and consultant in Spain and Italy)

Gary Dubro (consultant in the USA)

Jean-Luc Salvi (agent in France)