World’s Rarest Airmail ?

There are many airmail issues that have been offered or sold as “rare.” Examples include the 1925 25c on 10c “Black Honduras” (only 2 reported, one last sold at auction in 1994 for £104,500); the USA 24c “Inverted Jenny” (though nearly 100 are available, its popularity ensures prices of US$100,000 to US$1,000,000 depending on the centring […]

British Guiana 1851 2 Cents Census

British Guiana Stamp, Geneva, auction, John du Pont

This is the fifth extract in a series of articles about philatelic rarities taken from the Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, vol.2, pp.21-26, by L. N. Williams, published by David Feldman in 1992, with updates since its publication. The compilation of biographies of the ten recorded examples of the British Guiana 2 cents of […]

Some Advantages of Buying Important Collections Intact

For nearly all of our history, David Feldman SA has included intact collections ranging from small specialised studies to prize-winning exhibit collections, sometimes offered as single lots (either at auction or via “private treaty”). The vast majority of these were sold, often within a short time frame. With the rise of the internet, some of […]

Ultra-Rare Hungarian Bisect Cover

Sometimes, despite the best intentions of the postal administration, things happen… In the small Hungarian town of Szigevar, at the end of January 1873, the post office ran out of the 5 Krajczar postage stamps – crucial to prepay inland single weight letters. So, in at least one case, someone (whether clerk or sender is […]

Cape of Good Hope: The C.L. Pack Bisect Cover

The 4 pence value of the Cape was often used in multiple form on legal correspondence. In fact, the largest known franking of this stamp, 22 examples, was used on an internal package of legal papers. However, the usually meticulous performance of the post office at the Cape was, in a few cases, unable to […]

France’s First Issue “Bearded Lady”

The One Franc high value of the 1849 first issue of France comes in a variety of colours and shades: Carmine, Carmine-Brown, Vermilion (including Bright and Dark shades). It can be found with large even margins, in blocks (including one with one position inverted, the “tete-beche” variety). Covers are available as well, with a multiplicity […]

20th Anniversary of the Hiroyuki Kanai Auction of Mauritius

November 3rd marked the 20th Anniversary of the famous Hiroyuki Kanai auction of Mauritius by David Feldman. On November 3rd 1993, the world record price for any philatelic item was set (and still stands to do this day): the famous “Bordeaux Cover” of Mauritius (pictured) sold for a staggering CHF 6’123’750, smashing the previous record […]

Bermuda’s Postmaster Provisionals by L. N. Williams

This is an article taken from the Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, vol.1, pp.5-10, by L. N. Williams, published by David Feldman in 1992, with updates since its publication. Perot’s First Issue All the Bermuda Postmasters’ stamps are classic examples of stamps first discovered and recorded many years after they were issued. All have […]