British Guiana’s Cottonreels by L. N. Williams

This is the first extract in a series of articles about philatelic rarities taken from the Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, vol.1, pp.13-23, by L. N. Williams, published by David Feldman in 1992, with updates since its publication. The crudest classic issue by a government Post Office in what used to be called the […]

Hiroyuki Kanai (1925-2012)

One of the very few great philatelists who became a legend in his own lifetime, Mr Hiroyuki Kanai, has sadly left us. Despite the distance, the language and the culture differences between the country and city where he lived and worked and the subjects he championed, Mr Kanai formed some of the very best collections […]

The Burrus cover from the Karpov Collection

Belgium Collection formed by Anatoly Karpov Lot 30102, 8th December 2011 Auction 17 examples of the 1849 Medaillon 40c Carmine-rose on a cover front from Nieuport How can you find the missing 40c stamp ? This item is a cover front with a massive franking of 17 examples – a strip of 6, two strips of […]

One of the “Crown Jewels” of Classic Denmark

The second Danish stamp issued was the 2 R.B.S. (Rigsbankskilling) value, which first appeared on April 28, 1851, nearly a month after the 4 R.B.S.  Its purpose was, at first, to pre-pay delivery of mail “within the ramparts” (i.e. within the city walls) of Copenhagen. Later, it was used to make up the rates needed […]

The Most Important Stamp of Rhodesia

British Africa has its fair share of immensely rare stamps: the primitive manuscript surcharges of Uganda and of the Oil Rivers high values, some of the Boer War local provisionals, the scarcer Madagascar “missionaries” all jump to mind. But the regularly issued £100 Cherry Red “Arms” of Rhodesia, issued primarily for fiscal purposes but also […]

Unique Non-Variety Stamp of Cyprus

In 1921 through 1923, the current Cyprus definitives picturing King George V were issued on paper watermarked multiple crowns and script “CA.” De La Rue, the printers, had prepared for a Half Piastre value, but it was apparently not ordered, and perhaps only one sheet (of four panes, totalling 240 stamps), in black, was printed […]

The “Birth Certificate” of Denmark

The first issues of Europe during the Classic period started as a novelty, as news of the “Penny Black” and its financial success spread quickly, to a subject for debate and law-making (to define an adhesive stamp’s uses and context), to essays and proofs and finally to the issued stamps. And of course, the post […]

Introduction to the collecting of Olympic Games

A new way of collecting stamps as “topics” was born around the years of the Second World War. Previously there had been minor interests such as “Red Cross” or some historical event. Apart from “Airmails”, the sudden development of the Olympic Games and Sports themes was surprising. The interest expanded rapidly and contributed substantially to […]

Olympic Games Memorabilia – Loaring’s Collection

David Feldman is proud to be able to offer a part of the John Loaring Jr. collection of Olympic Memorabilia in our upcoming Feldman Express Online Auctions. Many collectors will be aware of John Loaring Jr. as an avid collector of Olympic Memorabilia – indeed his 1936 Olympics collection was the most extensive collection of memorabilia […]

That Was Then, This Is Now

When David Feldman first began holding auctions, the majority of “serious” philatelists had as their primary objective the filling up of all the blank spaces in printed albums. Of course, if a nice multiple or cover should come to hand, it could be included on a blank page. There were many who collected the world, […]

Romania – The Prince Carol I issues

King Carol I of Romania Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen was born a German prince in 1839, of a family closely related to the Prussian throne. As a second son, his early career was in the Prussian military, serving with distinction in the 2nd Schleswig War against Denmark. His family was on good […]

Classic Romania

Over the four decades we have been auctioning, we have continually sought out those collections which have been recognized with Grand Prix awards or collections of equivalent standard, and have handled more of them than any other auction firm, ever. If there is a reason for our success, it is that as philatelists first and […]