As Ferris Bueller famously stated: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” And hasn’t life moved pretty fast since we announced in our Digest 28th August of our imminent participation in the World’s First Virtual International Stampex, when we boldly stated: “Don’t ignore what can be started by just one person.” Referring to the growth of the ‘World Wide Web’ and the impending revolution in virtual stamp shows. So, whilst life isn’t the same as it was, it still moves, seemingly ever faster, and next week, between October 1st and 3rd, you have the opportunity to join us and step-off this speeding world of reality, and enter the virtual realm of stamp shows where there ‘will’ be time, 72 hours of it to be precise, to stop and look around and connect with our philatelists on one of our booths; David Feldman SA and The Museum of Philately.

The David Feldman SA virtual Stampex booth will offer you the time to explore buying and selling, interact and chat with our philatelists, obtain a valuation, find out more about the stunning material in our upcoming auctions covering the exotic delights of Egypt, the energetic fields of Olympic Games & Football, and the undisputed champion of philatelic paradise the island of Mauritius.

As you’d expect, no self respecting David Feldman booth would be dressed properly unless suitably attired in advice on how you can consign your treasures in our next Rarities of the World auction taking place in December, in partnership with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) and if you need an instant fix, or have a gap to fill, then there is the chance to buy any of the currently available material in our Private Treaty sales during Virtual Stampex.

If that wasn’t enough, there is the additional treat of visiting The Museum of Philately where David Feldman SA is hosting the ‘2020 Stampex Court of Honour’ to celebrate some of the leading collections in the world. And our very own Irish talisman Marcus Orsi will, in the shape of a ‘Talk’, be providing exclusive insight into this digital philatelic wonderland, which will, we promise (no pressure Marcus), excite, and help you to explore the award-winning collections and the top flight philatelists that are available at your fingertips within the Museum of Philately. Marcus will also be highlighting some of the great philatelic rarities and inspiring collections, endeavouring to expand your knowledge and provide a few entertaining stories behind the world’s greatest collectors. And if you’ve ever wanted to know a bit more, but were too afraid to ask, about the erudite topics of; Provenance, Expertising, Exhibitions and Restoration; then Master Orsi’s ‘Talk’ will broaden your understanding and maybe also your horizons. 

So, as our fun loving friend Mr Bueller wisely advised, don’t ‘miss it’, register now and visit us October 1st to 3rd, at Virtual Stampex on our David Feldman booth, where Guy Croton, Ricky Verra, Fernando Martinez will be available to talk you through the exciting realm of a Virtual Stamp Show, then make sure you also stop by the Stampex Court of Honour, where Marcus Orsi and Devlan Kruck will ensure you find your way around the impeccably clean corridors and shiny halls of the Museum of Philately.

Read more about Virtual Stampex in our article “The World has Changed”. And an insight into the Museum of Philately by reading our article “Wrestling AKA ‘A Virtual Exhibition’