David Feldman is partnering with Médecins Sans Frontières

Rarities of the World auction on December 3rd, 2020


The Covid-19 virus has impacted everyone’s lives, wherever they live in the World; with many stamp collectors being in the “at risk” age-group, the additional health concerns and requirement for isolation
and separation from family and friends has no doubt had an additional impact on our clients.

We have therefore sought to provide clients with an opportunity to make their own contribution to help mitigate the impact of the virus, and are therefore honoured to be able to partner with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) via our next “Rarities of the World” auction which will be held in Geneva in December.

We hope that you will be able to join us in this supporting this worthy cause.

Medecins sans frontières’ Covid-19 efforts are therefore focused on three priorities:

  1. Helping local authorities provide assistance to patients suffering from Covid-19
  2. Helping protect those people most as risk including healthcare professionals
  3. Maintaining and supporting critical medical services

With front line healthcare professionals in Europe and North America already having difficulty in obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) to be able to treat patients, let alone enough ventilators and hospital beds, those in countries with less advanced health systems are faced with treating patients without the most basic protective equipment and facilities.

MSF aims to provide direct assistance to healthcare systems in need of doctors, equipment, medicine and advice.

For further information: www.msf.org/covid-19-depth

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We are seeking consignments for this sale and offering clients 3 opportunities to help raise funds for MSF’s fight against the impacts of the Covid 19 virus:


Consign a rare stamp or cover 

a. The entire vendor commission normally chargeable will be donated to MSF Switzerland by DFSA
b. Clients have the option of increasing their usual vendor commission for this event


Donate a rare stamp or cover

Your local MSF section will attest to the effective donation value for charitable-giving purposes after the auction
a. DFSA will not charge vendor commission on items to be sold on behalf of MSF, and will offer 25% of its buyer’s premium as an additional donation
b. Clients have the option of personal recognition of their donation in the auction catalogue


To be a charitable buyer

a. Buyers will have the option of adding an additional 5% contribution to MSF Switzerland which will be matched by DFSA
b. Buyers can also opt to purchase an item and donate it to their local MSF branch as an in-kind gift for a future auction; in this case DFSA will forgo 50% of its buyer’s premium

All clients that make a donation to MSF via their participation in the auction will receive a personal letter of appreciation from MSF.

The local sections of MSF will seek to provide those clients that are able to make an in-kind donation of their consignment with an appropriate charitable-giving statement dependent upon their ability to do so in each country.

While the focus of the auction is to accumulate an attractive offering of the Philatelic Rarities of the World with our usual high-quality catalogue presentation and public auction, the main objective is of course to maximise the contribution to MSF and to give all of our clients an opportunity to participate providing that they can consign a rare stamp or cover of the world.

Should the supply of consignments be too great for the Rarities catalogue, we will arrange a subsequent online auction during the same week.



  1. Contact David Feldman at [email protected] to initiate the auction consignment process
  2. A philatelist will be in contact with you to discuss the item to be consigned, agree terms, and provide you with a consignment agreement
  3. A suitable date will be arranged for the consignment to be picked up by an appropriate courier service (FedEx, DHL etc.) at our cost
  4. Once an item is in-transit to our office, it will be fully insured at the agreed estimate by our insurers.
  5. You will receive a draft description of your item(s) approximately seven weeks before the auction, and a complimentary copy of the catalogue once published
  6. Clients making charitable donations will receive a confirmation of the in-kind gift from MSF once buyers have paid for their purchases.
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