Results really do matter in life. And it doesn’t matter if we’re talking sport, elections, exams, investments, or even the Lotto, the numbers count. Auction results are no different, so when you see that our most recent Mauritius auction results achieved 95% of lots sold, and prices realised were 128% of estimates, you can be satisfied that at David Feldman SA International Auctioneers we mean it when we say “results matter.” And the St Vincent offering also produced exceptional results with 88% of lots sold, and the prices realised were 114% of estimates. Generating combined sales of 1’280’835 GBP!

These incredible results have been achieved in spite of the lingering global pandemic and all the disruption created as a result of the lockdown period over the last three months. These restrictions were the very reason we rescheduled this spring auction from April to June, to ensure we mitigated any negative financial impact, whilst maximising opportunities to get the very best results. This decision has proved wise, and demonstrates the hard work and commitment behind the scenes, by the David Feldman SA team, who throughout this period have remained dedicated to service and satisfaction, never losing sight of the fact that results matter.

And as a consequence we witnessed unprecedented sales figures for ‘The Tatiana Collection’ of St Vincent and Mauritius during the auction in Geneva on June 30th 2020. There was strong competition for lots, bidders competing on the various platforms available, which included the Internet, telephone, tablet and mobile device App’s, video-telephony and physical participation, and this translated into phenomenal returns.

These positive outcomes were experienced across the full range of material, from the postal history – stampless and franked covers, the mint and used stamps, Trials and Essays and also collections and reconstructions were in demand. This demonstrates the positive health of the philatelic market, reinforcing there is demand for quality and rarity.


Auction highlights – Rarities

St Vincent cover

Lot 10030


1861 1d. rose-red pair and 6d. deep yellow-green strip of three each cancelled “A10”, on 1862 (26 Mar.) front registered to Hungerford, bearing wing “Crown/registered” h.s. in red, St. Vincent c.d.s. in black and London Paid transit d.s. (13.4) in red; the front with some light creases though a most attractive and colourful franking

Sold GBP 3’660 *

St. Vincent stamps vermillion

Lot 10149

ONE OF ONLY TWO RECORDED 1877-78 Wmk Small Star (sideways) 1s vermilion perf.15, pos.5, cancelled by accountancy hs, slightly oxidised colour, very fine and extremely rare, with only two recorded according to Jaffé (SG £40’000) One of the great rarities of St. Vincent

Sold GBP 23’180*

Mauritius Lapirot 1859
Lot 20114 The Unique unused Block of the 1859 Lapirot 2d Issue 2d blue, UNUSED BLOCK OF FOUR, without gum positions 5-6/9-10, good even margins all round, negligible creases between stamps and a few small soil spots, extremely fine for this unique showpiece A major Mauritius and world rarity Sold GBP 58’560 *

It was also encouraging to see high value material achieve or exceed estimates in the Mauritius sale, examples such as Lot 20044 – Mauritius 1848-59 Post Paid 2d deep blue, tied by bars cancel cover to Bordeaux estimated at: 20’000 – 30’000 GBP realised: 30’000 GBP. And Lot 20045 – Mauritius 1848-59 Post Paid 1d vermilion, used early impression was estimated at: 1’000 – 1’500 GBP but realised: 4’000 GBP.

Mauritius cover

Also lot 20066 Mauritius 1848-59 Post Paid 2d blue, intermediate impression, with “B53” barred oval which was estimated at: 400- 500 GBP actually realised: 3000 GBP. There was also a Plate Reconstruction of Mauritius 1848-59 Post Paid Blues – lot 20068 – which realised 16’000 GBP against an estimate of 4’0000 – 6’000 GBP.

And there were many outstanding realisations on material which attracted even stronger competition, for example material that had a Réunion connection.

The best examples of this being lot 20003 – a cover from Île Bourbon (the old French name for Réunion) via Port Louis, via Deal on the south coast of England to the Island of Mull in Scotland; four islands! Estimated at 200 – 300 GBP, it was hammered down at 3’200 GBP.

As well as lot 20032 – an 1855 letter sheet from Calcutta franked by India 1854 2a green strip of four and sent to St. Denis in Réunion via Mauritius, which was estimated at: 500 – 800 GBP and realised: 5’000 GBP.

The overall results from ‘The Tatiana Collection’ auction give renewed confidence to buyers and sellers alike that the market for rarities is buoyant, and demand remains strong for quality despite the apparent global challenges. So, if you are looking to explore the sale of your own rarities, we are now taking consignments for our October rarities auction, which provides an additional opportunity for you to support a worthy cause. Because this October Rarity Sale will be a Charity auction. We are donating the seller’s commission from all sales in October to ‘MSF (MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES) – Doctors Without Borders’, an organisation who provide medical care where it is needed to save lives in areas of conflict, natural disasters, and epidemics, which we have all become more acutely aware is invaluable, as well as courageous and inspiring. If you have a rarity worth 1’500 GBP or above you want to sell and you are prepared to donate the ‘seller’s commission’ to support the work of MSF, we’d like to hear from you. For MSF, results really do matter in life.