Greetings from Geneva, glowing with holiday and Christmas preparations. These auction reports are often boring and full of figures, all the necessary numbers and results are attractively presented in our prices realized pdf.

What appears more relevant and important to share with you is the state of the philatelic market and the future of our wonderful hobby. I am constantly reminded of that fact that when fresh collections are well marketed and attractively presented the clients appear as if by magic, with an enthusiasm that is often exciting and infectious, and in some cases paying new world record prices.

Whether it was the Chalhoub collection of Egypt, the Mexico collection of “Maria Clotilde”, the second part of the “Meiji” Property of Japan, the “Marcel” collection of Romania or the Quail and Cousins collections of Ireland there was an insatiable appetite from all our clients to acquire the very items that they have often dreamt of owning.

Difficult to enumerate all the remarkable outcomes, but here are a few noteworthy highlights of our auction week, with a particular emphasis on what is likely the most significant item in Mexican Philately, achieving a world record for the country.

Auction sale of Mexican stamps

Lot 20205 – Estimated € 40’000, sold for € 73’800, including buyer’s premium

Cover Romania sold at auction in December 2023

Lot 40429 Estimated € 20’000, sold for € 49’200, including buyer’s premium.

Lot 40404 Estimated € 30’000, sold for € 116’850, including buyer’s premium.


Lot 90028 Estimated € 7’000, sold for € 29’520, including buyer’s premium.


Lot 10032 Estimated € 16’000, sold for € 46’740, including buyer’s premium.

The whole team at David Feldman are delighted with the years end results and are ready to start the new year off with a series of online and specialized offerings throughout the spring, culminating in our major sale June 10-14, 2024.

Hence, if you are a buyer or seller please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Festive greetings to you all,

Marcus Orsi and the David Feldman Team