Our upcoming Autumn Auction series includes an attractive selection of the distinguished 1858 Moldavian Bull’s Head stamps. The Hausman catalogue features eight examples of this primitive yet coveted postal adhesive which was Romania’s first issue. These famous stamps take their name from the European bison the ‘Wisent’ which of course is the image at the centre of the design, and they come in four values – 27, 54, 81 and 108 parale.  There are very few unused examples known and the dearth of such copies is illustrated in the spread of available lots in this offering, with just one example of the 108 parale blue (Lot 60366) in unused condition which is printed on horizontally ribbed pale pink paper and has good to huge margins -being offered at an estimate of €10’000 to €15’000 (Michel 4 €32’000). It is referenced in the definitive work on these iconic stamps by Heimbüchler (p.378/379 no. 4) and comes with an expert certificate from Gmach (2022) and was previously held in the collection of Robson Lowe and of exceptional appearance. Certainly one to watch and early bidding is recommended.  There are two used 108 parale blues on offer (Lots 60364 and 60365), one which has the rare Galatz cds; there being only 16 single examples of the 108 parale known cancelled at this post office. The other is very  neatly and attractively cancelled lower right and has a Heimbüchler certificate. Both are excellent examples and expected to attract bids between €2’000 and €5’000.

Romania Stamp Bull's head

Lot 60360 – Estimate 6’000 – 9’000 EUR

1858, 27 parale black on matt pink on horizontally ribbed paper

lot 60358 – Estimate 3’000 – 6’000 EUR

1858, Moldavia, 27 parale black, printed on rose wove horizontally laid paper – one of the 10 recorded singles with this cds

Lot 60361 – Estimate 4’000 – 12’000 EUR

858, Moldavia, 54 parale blue – one of the finest known in existence

The collection also includes two examples of the 54 parale blue (Lots 60361 and 60362) printed upon greenish blue horizontally laid paper, one a superb used with large to very large margins all round and a complete red cds of Jassy dated 30-9 (this cancel in use between Aug 28th and Oct 18th 1858). It’s a beautiful example of this issue and considered to be one of the finest known in existence, with only a handful recorded in premium condition. It has a Balasse certificate (1974) as well as a Gmach (2022) and is illustrated in Heimbüchler (p.342-3) boasting the provenance of Mohrmann, Kohler and Steltzer (Mi €5’500). Due to the appearance and condition of this example bids are expected to exceed the Michel catalogue value with an estimate of between €4’000 to €12’000.

Lot 60365 – Estimate 2’000 – 4’000 EUR
1858, Moldavia, 108 parale blue, on pale pink horizontally laid paper

Lot 60364 – Estimate 2’500 – 5’000 EUR
1858, 108 parale blue, on pale pink horizontally laid paper –  only 16 single examples of the 108 parale are known cancelled at Galatz

There are three very fine examples of the distinctive 27 parale in black, which two are printed on rose wove horizontally laid paper (Lots 60358, 60359) and one example printed on matt pink on horizontally ribbed paper (Lot 60360). This value is the only issue not printed in blue and so enjoys a unique position among the first Bull’s Head stamps (Michel 1 €15’000), and the pick of the three available is the 27 parale black on matt pink on horizontally ribbed paper which has fine to large margins and cancelled by a Jassy double circle cancellation, referenced in Heimbüchler (Suppl. p. 23 no. 16.) and signed Richter, with certificates from Bloch (1983) and Gmach (2022) – both mentioning that the stamp is perfect. The other two examples printed on the rose wove paper are exceptional, both with very fine blue cds cancels, large margins and accompanied with expert certificates. Lot 60358 is one of the 10 recorded singles with this the Galatz cds in black and bids are anticipated at €3’000 to €6’000. 

Whilst there are no examples of the 81 parale blue (Michel 3) as part of the same assembly, it being a rare value in any condition, there is a fascinating forgery on piece (Lot 60363), which is a worthy reference example to study, it being a good reproduction and as such a very dangerous piece.

This selection of Romanian Bull’s Heads represents an exciting and rare opportunity to acquire these first issue stamps which are in unusually exceptional condition. The auction of this section of the Hausman collection will be Thursday 8th December from 9am.