David Feldman International Auctioneers is proud to announce a series of auctions of Egyptian stamps and postal history over the next number of years, with a first sale planned for December 2018. This will be an opportunity of a lifetime, as the Joe Chalhoub collection is, without a doubt, the most extensive and valuable of its kind ever formed.

The extent of the collections will be reflected in a series of eleven books that are in the process of being issued as part of our Great Philatelic Collections books.

Egypt - Post offices abroad

Volume I – Commemoratives – available on our online shop

Volume II – Foreign Post Offices in Egypt –  available on our online shop

Volume III – Egyptian Post Offices Abroad – available on our online shop

Volume IV – King Fouad Issues and the 1926 Surcharge – available on our online shop

Volume V – King Farouk Issues

Volume VI – The First Three Issues and the Suez Canal

Volume VII – Officials, Postage Dues and Booklets

Volume VIII – Fourth Issue, Pictorial and Crown Overprint Issues

Volume IX – Airmails, Postal Stationery, Express Mail

Volume X – Gaza, French Offices (Alexandria and Port Said)

Volume XI – Revenues

The books already printed are available on our online shop.