St. Christopher 1888 “ONE PENNY.” stamp surcharge on 2½ d ultramarine

stamp St. Christopher 1888 “ONE PENNY.”

One of the highlights of our upcoming June GB & British Empire auction will be the St. Christopher 1888 “ONE PENNY.” surcharge on 2 1/2d ultramarine with original value unobliterated. Catalogued at £22’000 by Stanley Gibbons, it is one of the most valuable stamps of St. Kitts-Nevis.

The stamp came to us without a certificate and was promptly sent away to the BPA for further study. After much deliberation by the expertising committee, the stamp has not only been certified as genuine, but has also confirmed that the previous thinking – that these surcharges came from a setting of 10 – was an error, and confirms that the setting must have been 20. Thus this new “rarity of the world” has become a vital stamp in the story of St. Kitts-Nevis philately, and shows that research and discovery never stops in the hobby of stamp collecting.