We are proud to introduce our new volume of Great Philatelic Collections dedicated to a stamp collection of Finland:

FINLAND: The Classic Stamps 1856-1875, formed by Erkki Toivakka

This series of books, along with the David Feldman’s Museum of Philately, is intended to preserve “the best of the best” of today’s collections for prosperity, as the collection themselves have been presented, usually in exhibit form, and as annotated by their creators.

About the collector

Erkki Toivakka was born in 1926 in Kauhajoki, Ostrobothnia (Finland). He collected stamps as a child and when his school reports were good he got them from his father, something which happened quite often. He become an advanced collector with the approached of retirement in 1987.

About the collection

The collection presented in this book, covers the classic period of Finland’s postage stamps, beginning with the oval stamps and followed by the two major emissions of rouletted stamps. It does not include postal stationary which in Finland was introduced from an earlier date.

This collection has been awarded gold at NORDIA 2016, gold at WIPA 2008 and large golds at ITALIA 2009 and LONDON 2010.

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