If you are you a world-wide collector, the Samuel S. Ting Collection is for you and we are happy to auction it in our next autumn auction series which will be held from November 28th to December 2nd in Geneva.

Since the first postage stamp was issued in 1840, economics, social evolution, conflict and politics have all contributed to the shaping of the identities and the footprints of the world’s countries both present and past. One-time autonomous regions were colonized, others occupied, some annexed, independent states were amalgamated and intact entities partitioned. Some of these changes were continuous in that relatively new entities further evolved and emerged yet as even newer entities.

Still, in other instances some reverted back and in time, came full-circle. The current roster of the world’s countries is nearing 200 but this is only a small percentage in comparison to the number of countries, regions and territories that preceded them. Regardless of the circumstances, one of the earliest steps initiated to announce the emergence of a new identity was the issuance of postage stamps bearing its name- it’s proclamation to the rest of the world of its existence. In philately, that first stamp- so symbolic to every new entity’s identity- is known as a “First Issue”.

From design, conviction and passion, the Samuel S. Ting Collection is unarguably one of the finest, most comprehensive collections specializing in first-issue material ever compiled.

Guiding the collection from its earliest, the major reference catalogs were combed page-by-page and a detailed list was compiled of first-issues from current and extinct countries, independent and pre-federated states plus provisional issues. To further enhance the scope and depth of the collection, specialty catalogues were similarly consulted and regional as well as era-specific entities were added-forming the master list around which the collection has been built. To date, 91 % of that list is now incollection and fewer than 80 issues away from being 97 % complete. This equates to an impressive 1700-plus distinct entities which include the not so rare to the very rare (e.g. less than 200 ever issued and less than 500 ever issued). With diligence, those key issues requiring authentication have been either by certificate and/or signature. It truly is a world-wide collection further reflected by the fact that material has been drawn in from over 40 countries, on 6 continents.

In keeping with the stature of the collection and to ensure appropriate safeguarding and presentation, custom stock-sheet binders were handcrafted- each embossed with the collection’s unique logo and housed in matching protective slip covers. Additionally, a 55-page alphabetical index facilitates navigation of the collection which is also in a matching binder and slipcase. At the issue level, each piece is properly identified with a label detailing relative information such as year of issue, authentications, etc. and secured within archive quality stock-sheets.

Considering the resource and time commitment required as well as the scarce availability of key and rare material, once-in-a-lifetime mature collections of this caliber are few and far between. They often remain privately held and opportunities to acquire them seldom occur. There is only one Samuel S. Ting Collection and for the first time in its existence, this exclusive collection will be offered in auction.

The images of the entire collection are available on our website. Click here to discover the 11 pdfs