The five-day sale last week was a resounding success with over CHF 7 million in sales and had contributed to David Feldman S.A. recording one of its highest annual sales totals in the last seven years! The diversity of material sold at a David Feldman auction is only matched by the diversity of its increasing client base, and last week’s auction again featured impressive level of bids and highly competitive bidding from collectors from all around the world.

The much-anticipated Danube Collection and the Austrian catalogue raised high interest from collectors and dealers from across Europe who competed to drive prices well above estimates on most lots.

The second part of the Tatiana collection of British Empire continued where June’s auction left off, with collectors returning to obtain more of this fabulous collection of premium stamps. Other sections of the auction produced solid results for our vendors, with areas such as Egypt exceeding our expectations in today’s market.

We believe that this auction, and the results obtained over the last few years, confirms that the philatelic market is very much alive and kicking when high quality items and collections are brought to auction, and our results again show that David Feldman is a name synonymous with obtaining leading results for consigning clients.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Autumn Auction Series for contributing to a major success!

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A selection of highlights:



Lot 40000
The Famous “Lady Louis” Cover to Malta
Sold for £66,000


Lot 10116
Unique Franking to France
Sold for EUR 36,000


lot20150 copy

Lot 20150
Beautiful selection of 52 imperforate
Sold for EUR 21,600


 Lot 41050
The legendary Missing Virgin
Sold for £120,000


 Lot 40673
Gandhi 10 Ruppe Service Unmounted mint
Sold for £120,000



Lot 51418
Egypt Arab Union sheetlet of nine
Sold for EUR 28,800



Lot 55114
Sold for CHF 9,600