For us, the show began the day before the event. I arrived in Singapore at 6am with the Mauritius “Post Office” plate in my bag before meeting up with David at the hotel. We arrived at the exhibition centre next to the fabulous Marina Bay Sands hotel just in time for David to participate at the press conference, where the plate gathered significant interest and attention from the journalists and photographers present. Unfortunately this didn’t transfer to many lines in the press the following day. Meanwhile I constructed our display in the prestigious Court of Honour whilst much of the rest of the exhibition was a hive of activity as stands were still being constructed and things put in place. Only slight hitch was my identity badge which read “Ricky Feldman”. I predicted many conversations to come to explain that I wasn’t David’s son…

First Day

After successfully conquering my jet lag the day before, I felt fresh for the coming day for what we had hoped would be a whirlwind of activity. Unfortunately the storm never came and the show had a very subdued first day for an international show. Perhaps the fact that the opening ceremony began the following day was an ominous sign… However one moment capped the day. A man dressed in a suit was interested in the Mauritius plate and asked to buy 2 copies of our publication. Around his neck hung a show identity badge indicating that he was an exhibitor. Whilst chatting away, I asked what it was he was exhibiting. He turned around and pointed to the collection of Selangor on the wall opposite us in the Court of Honour. At this point I realised I was talking with the Sultan of Selangor! The day continued with little excitement after that and definitely seemed to drag on without any precious wifi available!

A steady stream of familiar faces filtered through, but by the end I was more than ready for the Welcoming Party after the show at what they call the Singapore Flyer, held at a food court below the large Ferris Wheel by the coast. It was an unusual evening. Upon arrival we were given S$20 worth of vouchers to spend at the various food stalls. Being slightly flummoxed by the choice, a beer seemed like a good place to start! We were outside, so the heat of the evening was slightly uncomfortable but flowed quite smoothly until we were deafened for about an hour by someone with a microphone awarding medals to the commissioners and jury members.