Our philatelist Ricky Verra will be at the York Racecourse Stamp and Coin Fair on July 17th-18th at our regular position on stand 12 (see map adjacent).

For more information including directions, please see the official website.

If you are thinking of selling your stamp collection at auction in the near or distant future, then he would be delighted to talk to you to answer any questions or offer advice.

Ricky has attended this show twice a year for the past 5 years and will continue to do so. So should you wish to take advantage of the many benefits of offering your collection with David Feldman SA in Geneva, then he will be on hand when you are ready.

For those thinking of sooner rather than later, we will have part 2 of the “Tatiana” collection of British Empire in December. Part 1 last month produced astonishing results, smashing any preconceptions that London is the only place to offer this material. We will even be holding the auction in British Sterling, so there’s no conversion rate to worry about.