The quietest day of the show so far. The highlight being yet more gifts from the Philakorea staff including the best gift I have ever received at a stamp exhibition. It wasn’t the tooth brush and tooth paste. Nor the Guide to Seoul. Not the thermos cup. Not even the 1980s-style calculator. It was the Philakorea 2014 Rubik’s cube!!

Philakorea 2014 Rubik's CubeIt seems fitting at this point to thank the hard work, warm welcome, kindness and genorisity of the Korea Post staff and the show Organising Committee for producing such a well organised and entertaining show for the participants and visitors.

For our part in bringing the “Gems of Philately” to display, we were given a certificate of their appreciation (pictured above). The owners of these items of course receive our warmest thanks, as well as a Philakorea prize medal for their participation. Our thanks also go to Vesma Grinfelds, the USA commissioner, for bringing the Inverted Jenny on our behalf from the United States.