Not as busy as the first, Friday allowed myself and David to view the exhibitions we had wanted to see. There were no fewer than four excellent collections of Switzerland for us to study. Three of which were collections of Cantonals competing head-to-head in the 8-frame Traditional class. Many items were familiar to David from our past auctions including the famous “Helveticus” collection. Two unused Vaud 4c in Joseph Hackmey’s collection caught David by surprise as very few still exist. Each collection had their own items and features which trumped the other, so it was going to be interesting to see the results.

Other collections that caught our attention were of classic Spain, Peru and Brazil. Of course the crème de la crème of the exhibits were in the Championship Class, which features collections that have already received 95 or more points in FIP World Exhibitions in any three separate years during the previous 10 years. This show’s exhibits looked to be particularly difficult for the jurors to decide who would be the winner of the prestigious Grand Prix d’Honneur, due to their quality and the diversity of the type of material on display; with Traditional, Postal History, Aerophilately, Revenue and Thematic exhibits to choose from.