For nearly all of our history, David Feldman SA has included intact collections ranging from small specialised studies to prize-winning exhibit collections, sometimes offered as single lots (either at auction or via “private treaty”). The vast majority of these were sold, often within a short time frame. With the rise of the internet, some of these lots are available for only a few days.

Why the interest?

Here are a few reasons, in no particular order:

1. A substantial collection can spare the buyer literally many years of searching, not only for the top items but more importantly the “story telling” items required to achieve a good medal level at exhibition – items which are often rarer than the “top” material, which sometimes does appear at auctions world-wide. And time can sometimes be more valuable than money.

2. Similarly, the price for an entire collection or exhibit offered intact will often be a small fraction of the original prices paid, item by item, by the original collector.

So, combining items 1 and 2, we have seen time and time again that savvy collectors have saved valuable time as well as saving on the total cash value which a dealer or auction company would place on each and every item.

3. Sometimes a major collection will contain substantial original research, and often this research has not yet been published – and research is a major factor in medal levels at F.I.P. exhibitions. Even such findings as how many of a given variety or usage may exist, the provenances of the key items, the shades or cancel types or plate varieties available, will mark the current owner of the collection as a knowledgeable specialist in the field, and buy much credibility with current juries.

4. Often, experienced collectors and exhibitors will have come to a natural end with their current holdings, and are looking for new areas to explore (and ultimately exhibit). For such people, the ability to discretely purchase and then build up a new (for them) collection or exhibit will make it possible for them to find useful new material without being seen as “targets” by so-called “predatory” dealers or auctioneers (at least until word gets around). The old-fashioned “closet” collectors were often successful in taking decades to build their collections without broadcasting their interests to the world. Buying an important collection or exhibit, and doing so anonymously at auction or by private treaty, is a way to save time, save money, and prevent premature exsposure as a collector or exhibitor of the area until you decide the time is ripe!

5. Provenance is the modern “plus” factor which, when you go to sell, may add 10% or more to the total realization, expecially if you’ve accomplished something wonderful. The inverse of the old adage about “new wine in old bottles” holds true in philately. When you have won all you can, exhibited wherever you’ve wanted, and published extensively, your fellow philatelists will sit up and take notice when you or your family will sell your collection – and then, too, the time will come to decide whether the collection or exhibit will be offered intact, or as single or group lots as appropriate!

With our Rarities auctions, we always offer important collections as single lots, both at auction and by private treaty, giving the philatelic community the opportunity to “take up the torch” in many varied fields. Have a look at our catalogues or web site, and see if something catches your fancy!