The final day was a quiet affair. Everyone was showing signs of weariness from the previous five days of work, as well as a sense of relief after many months of work that had gone into the preparation! Although my morning started with a mini adventure to the suburbs of Melbourne to pick up a great collection of Afghanistan, material which we don’t often have the pleasure of offering. Although people do consign with us without ever having met one of our philatelists, it’s always a pleasure to meet the collector behind the collection to have a discussion face to face about their needs and expectations.

Afghanistan almost seemed to be the theme of the week. We met five collectors, one of which had graciously allowed us to exhibit his rarities, and two of which consigned with us. And two people had even come from the “Afghan Treasures” exhibition at the museum opposite to ask questions about Afghan stamps!

We have to thank the collectors who so generously gave us their treasures to display on their behalf. The organising committee were even kind enough to give each exhibitor a medal for them to keep as a memento and thanks.

And of course thank you to the organisers and the many volunteers for their hard work which had made Melbourne 2013 such a fantastic show.

We look forward to seeing more clients and stamp collectors at Thailand 2013 on August 2-14, as well as showing more “Gems of Philately” on our stand.