The "Bordeaux" cover of Maurititus

The “Bordeaux” cover of Mauritius

Sold in auction for 6'123'750 CHF in 1993

The “Bordeaux” cover of Mauritius, held the achievement for the highest price paid for a philatelic item for over 20 years until 2014.

Mauritius 1847 “Post Office” issue

The Famous and unique cover bearing both One Penny orange-red and Two Pence deep blue.

Both stamps are deep rich and fresh colour, with good to adequate margins all sides (including underinked upper corner 2d). Some trivial imperfections do not in any way impeach on the stunning aspect of this incomparable item.

The Stamps are both neatly cancelled with the framed black PENNY POST and are also tied to the cover, which is also very fine, by the red Boulogne circular date stamp of December 26, 1847, applied on arrival in France.

The cover is in fact an entire including the letter contents. The letter included was written in Port Louis on October 4, 1847 by Edward Francis & co. and was addressed to Duncan & Lurgnie at Bordeaux confirming the sale of 30 of the 48 casks of wine received earlier.

This item is a key item of the Post Office issue.

To learn more about the cover, please access to the following catalogue p. 89: