Russia/China Kobdo Cover

Russia/China Kobdo Cover

Sold in auction for 384'000 EUR in 2012

KOBDO: 1917 Native cover sent registered to Peking, franked with Arms 3k, 5k and 7k plus two 1916 10k on 7k, paying the 15k single letter rate plus registration (despite the letter rate increasing to 20k the day before according to Hellrigl), tied by Kobdo 2.9.17 type 1A cds (Hellrigl rated RR), with reg’n label adjacent (type 1 rated RRR), Irkutsk censor hs, fine and very rare.

One of only four covers recorded from Kobdo and one of the great rarities of Mongolian postal history.

Note: Illustrated in “The Postal History of Mongolia” pg.59 by Hellrigl

Expertise: Signed Holcombe

Provenance: Ex Tolman