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Throughout these fifty years, our auctions have provided testament to the continued healthy market to sell stamps, high-quality rarities, postal history, as well as of collections and family estates. We pride ourselves in having established top prices and world records in almost every area of stamp collecting.

Particularly, in recent times, the sale of two of the Mauritius’ Post Office issue jewels –the Printing Plate and the Bombay Cover– in our 2016 Winter Auction Series proved that, even in difficult economic times, our experience and commitment enable us to get the best possible prices.

At our auctions, specialised and general collections, as well as family estates and single lots are always hotly contested among dealers and collectors, many of whom come to Geneva from all over the world to view our extensive offers in person.

David Feldman holds more world record realisations for selling stamps and award-winning collections than any other company in history.

The Mauritius Printing Plate close up

Expertise & experience

Our experienced philatelic experts are well versed in all areas of philately. Our multi-lingual staff strives at all times to provide a friendly, professional and knowledgeable service to cater for your individual requirements, whether these be on areas of philately and postal history, tracking of deliveries or indeed the management of your client account.

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Keeping your collection alive

Through our auctions we have presided over the disperal of hundreds of Grand Prix and Large Gold Medal collections, formed by collectors with the passion and resources to pursue their chosen fields over decades or even a lifetime. Thus, the idea was spawned to create deluxe publications and an on-line museum as additional services to eternalise a prized collection, allowing it to live on once it has been sold, thereby preserving it for future generations.

By consigning a Grand Prix or a Large Gold Medal collection with us, make yourself eligible to participate in both the Great Philatelic Collections programme and the Museum of Philately digital application. These tools will allow you to immortalise your collection and, ultimately, to share your achievements in the philatelic realm, with your loved ones and with the rest of the world.


Presentation in all of its forms is key to our success

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India 1948 10 Rupee Mahatma Gandhi “Service” stamp
India 1948 10 Rupee Mahatma Gandhi "Service" stamp
Sold in auction for 168'000 EUR in 2013

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Based on photos or scans of your stamps we are able to give a professional valuation the next few business days. Upload up to 10 Gb of pictures very easily using our special arrangement with Dropbox.

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