The Meiji Property of Japan

Auction of the “Meiji” Property of Japan

June & December 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the Meiji Property of Japan, one of the most significant and comprehensive properties of Japanese stamps and covers ever formed, will be offered for sale at auction. The sale will be divided into two parts, scheduled for June and December 2023, and will be held simultaneously in Geneva, Switzerland and Tokyo, Japan, in partnership with Stampedia Auction Japan, Inc

The offering boasts an impressive array of stamps and covers, including a Grand Prix Collection, from the first two Dragon issues to the Cherry Blossom issues, covering the classic period of Japanese stamps from 1871 to 1876. The property includes all significant stamps from this era, along with many rare items, such as a Dragon cover which was dispatched through both postal and local courier services, 12 unused full sheets and most of the famous rarities of Japanese philatelic classics. Indeed, this is likely the most complete Japan offering ever formed with all major errors and varieties.

Japan rare Stamp 1871- inverted Center 500mon

The most valuable stamp of Asia 

The unique Japan 500 mon Center Inverted

 However, the most important piece of this collection is by far the highly coveted Japan 1871 500 mon Center Inverted, the most valuable stamp of Asia.

The stamp is acknowledged as Asia’s most valuable stamp and the auction result should see it placed among the recognized most valuable stamps in the world, joining the British Guiana One-Cent Magenta, the Sweden Treskilling Yellow, and the Mauritius “Post Office” One and Two Pence. Having been purchased in 1953 and its rarity and importance only established in 1973, the stamp will be making its second appearance at a public auction when it is presented on June 3rd 2023. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that after this auction, it will rightfully take its place among its peers and one of the world’s most valuable stamps, and likely justify its position as the most expensive single stamp of Asia.

To know more about the story about this stamp, click here.

The Meiji Property, excluding the 500 mon error, has a total estimated value of over 4 million Euros and will be divided into more than 300 lots for the first auction in June, and about 250 lots for the second auction in December. These sales mark the first time that such a comprehensive collection of Japanese stamps will be available for auction and the sale of the collection promises to be one of the standout philatelic auctions of 2023.

Lot 30271 – 1875 45 sen bird stamp on registered cover sent 1884 on official preprinted envelope by the Foreign Office of Korea, Seoul with large endorsement “ON HIS COREAN MAJESTY´S SERVICE” to Sweden. One of a handfull recorded 45 sen bird on cover.

Korea started its first national postal service only 4 months later. Hence this official cover can also be regarded as one of the most important items of Korean Postal History.

Lot 30257: 1875 bird issue “Goshawk” design. A rare mint sheet of syllabic 1.

Japanese stamp first issue Dragon

Lot 30001: 1871, 48 mon light reddish brown

First Issue Dragon Stamps



The first auction will be held on June 3rd, 2023 starting at 9:30am CEST and the items will be available to view at the David Feldman Geneva Premises
from May 30th.
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Address: David Feldman SA, Chemin du Pavillon 2, 1218 Grand Saconnex, Switzerland