Lot 10099
Argentina » Incoming Mail
Price realised
4’200 USD
2’500 – 4’000 USD
Auction date
Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Germany – North German Confederation. 1871 (Sep 21). Entire from Hamburg to Buenos Aires, with 1869 1/4gr, 1/2rg, 1gr and pair of 5gr, all crisply tied by Hamburg cds, paying the 3gr inland rate and 8 3/4 gr -equivalent to 11d- British transit and sea carriage, carried via Ostende to London and Liverpool and put onboard PSNC “Lusitania” towards Valparaiso and transferred at Montevideo to Buenos Aires, with ms “2/4” for domestic charge, stamps with minor imperfections; a highly attractive franking to a rare destination; cert. Mehlmann (2013).

Note: Another cover from the same correspondence with the same franking, but in less good condition, was part of the Everaldo Santos collection.

Catalogue reference: Mi. 13a, 15, 16, 18