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Russia » Zemstvos
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32’000 EUR
40’000 – 50’000 EUR
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Tue 15 Jun 2021 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Zenkov (Ukraine – Poltava region): 1879-95 Exceptional study on 83 written up pages of Zenkov Zemstvo issues with a range of multiples, varieties, printing types and covers. Most of items are coming from Ferrari and Fabergé collections. Including: Ch#2a superb mint block of 6, Ch#4 (Schmidt #8-RR) and 1882 3k dark brown block of four, Ch#5 superb mint 3k brown, Ch#8 complete sheet of 4×6 (ex Fabergé), Ch#9 3k green complete sheet of 4×6 (ex Fabergé), Ch#21 grey-lilac 3k imperforate not listed (Str.18I) (ex Baughman collection), Ch#13 vertical strip of three showing all three types, Ch#14 mint 3k green rare block of 6, Ch#16 complete sheet (ex Fabergé), Ch#17 complete sheet (ex Fabergé), Ch#18 complete sheet 6×4 (ex Fabergé), Ch#23 bronze 1k block of 8 showing 1-4 types (ex Ferrari & Fabergé), Ch#24 gold-bronze 2k vertical block of 6 showing all 6 varieties in this block (ex Ferrari & Fabergé), Ch#25 imperforate 1kop red pair, Ch#25 1kop red complete sheet of 6×7, Ch#26 marginal 2k blue block of nine with middle stamp inverted (ex Fabergé), Ch#28 2k gold part of the sheet 3×6 stamps (ex Fabergé), Ch#28a 2k- gold imperforate pair, Ch#29 mint 3k blue part of the sheet 3×6 stamps (ex Fabergé), Ch#29a imperforate 3k blue strip of three, Ch#31 golden bronze 3kop perforated sheet type 1 of 12 stamps, Ch#31a 3k – golden bronze imperforate type 2 sheet of 12 stamps, Ch#36 perforated (2) and imperforate (3) five sheets of 8 different types with 20 tête-bêche pairs, Ch# 39 and 39 (2) sheets, Ch#37 ex Fabergé sheet, Ch#37 probably unique second printing sheet two panes of 24 stamps in tête-bêche position RRR (ex Fabergé), Ch#37 perforated and imperforate two complete sheets (ex Fabergé), Ch#37 four printing small sheet of 8 (ex Kirchner, Fabergé), Ch#48a tête-bêche pair, Ch#49 perforated sheet of 14 and imperforate sheet of 21, Ch#50 complete perforated and imperforate sheets (ex Fabergé), Ch#52 complete perforated and imperforate sheets (ex Fabergé), Ch#51 perforated and imperforate sheets (ex Fabergé), Ch# 53 perforated and imperforate sheets (ex Fabergé). In addition, 10 covers franked with Ch# 8, 6, 21, exceptionally rare 13, 16, 17, 18, 22 & 27 (strip of three), Ch#33 – nine of these covers are coming from Fabergé collection. An excellent collection formed during 40 years of collecting with the majority of the greatest Zenkov rarities.