Lot 40960 – Postal Stationery 1922-1942: Award-winning exhibition

Lot 40960 – Postal Stationery 1922-1942: Award-winning exhibition
Ireland » Postal Stationery
Price realised
9’000 GBP
10’000 – 15’000 GBP
Auction date
Mon 26 Jun 2023 at 14:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Postal Stationery 1922-1942: Award-winning exhibition collection neatly mounted and knowledgeably written up on 160 album pages.

This exhibit illustrates a comprehensive study of the stationery available for use in Ireland from the start of the Irish Free State Post Office through the initial postal rate increases of June 1941. The exhibit displays the use of regular British stationery, special British issues for the Irish Free State, and the first Irish Free State issues.

The collection shows postal cards, letter cards, envelopes, registered envelopes, wrappers, telegram forms and postal orders. The highlights include: Telegram Forms GB 1s green two unused (Codes “A.1.” and “A1 S/E”, Ireland 1s blue with black text, 1s blue with blue text “TELEGRAFA”, 1s6d brown two unused (Code “A” and “A1 S/E”). Newspaper Wrappers Thirteen unused and used, plus two with Specimen ovpts. Registered Envelopes an extensive and very comprehensive assembly of all the sizes F, G, H & K, with strength in the transition period with both GB stationery used in Ireland, many uprated with Overprint issues, British stamps embossed in green both unused and used, some also uprated, plus a wonderful assembly of the 5d violet envelope unused and used, showing a number of important errors including size F the discovery example showing the text missing, size F the discovery example showing the albino impression, size H used envelope with text inverted on reverse, cert. David MacDonnell,

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