Lot 40940 – 1922-1935 Overprints: Old-time estate lot, attractive,

Lot 40940 – 1922-1935 Overprints: Old-time estate lot, attractive,
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Price realised
4’200 GBP
3’000 – 4’000 GBP
Auction date
Mon 26 Jun 2023 at 14:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1922-1935 Overprints: Old-time estate lot, attractive, valuable, and specialised collection of mint overprints neatly mounted and housed in a special Davo album, showing a useful array of proofs in singles, pairs, and multiples, a practically complete collection of overprints showing complete sets, singles, multiples, varieties with some rare missing accent, flat accent, circumflex accents, “at” accents inserted etc., plus ranges of other minor varieties including long “1”, R over SE, broken “i” in Rialtas etc., coil leaders, ends and joins, controls in singles, pairs and large multiples, plus some scarce forgeries, overall highlights include Dollard 10s (T14a, €450) major re-entry, 10s (T14aa, €450) strokes of “T”, Thom 1 1/2d (T15a, €600) PENCF error, Thom 10s (T41, €2250), Narrow Date 2s6d and 5s both in corner sheet marginal blocks of four, Narrow Date 5s (T67a, €675) inverted “T”, Wide and Narrow Date 10s (T71v, €2400) left mint n.h. sheet marginal vertical pair, fresh and extremely rare in this quality, Re-Engraved 2s6d to 10s set of three nh (T75-T77, €1450) etc., mixed to very fine, a truly wonderful assembly of these popular issues and an excellent basis for study and potential expansion; viewing highly recommended (100’s) (Hib. €20’000+).

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