Lot 60116
Switzerland / Schweiz
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Price realised
17’000 EUR
8’000 – 12’000 EUR
Auction date
Thu 6 Jun 2019 at 18:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1850-1945 Exceptional collection of mostly RAYON COVERS housed in one album. Over 60 covers and cards with strength in the first Federal Issues of Switzerland showing a wide range of frankings and cancellations, much cancellation interest including boxed P of Aubonne, various CHARGÉ cancels, boxed “Timbre insuffisant”, various circled and uncircled P.P. cancels, grills, thimble cds cancels, in either blue, black or red, also later issues are of much interest with imperforate and perforate Sitting Helvetia issues, much cancellation interest, bisects, also airmails, Pro Juventute and ends with the 1945 PAX issues in blocks of six, an extraordinary assembly, see web for a full set of scans, some items with certificates, please examine