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Thu 16 Jun 2022 at 14:00 (Europe/Zurich)

ALBUM TIMBRES POSTE – 8e Edition by Justin Lallier, produced by A.Lenègre in 1869

All Word: 1840-1864 Stunning and decorative old-time leather bound all world album, practically complete, essentially in unused condition with also a very good representation of used and, as usual with these types of album, a fine array of postal stationery cut outs, revenues issues and in some case local issues.

This very early album being described throughout in French is laid out and arrange by continent and includes the following countries:

Europe: Austria, Baden, Bavaria incl. 1849 1kr black used, Belgium incl. 1849 20c epaulette unused, Bergedorf, Bremen, Brunswick, Denmark with 1851 2Rbs used in very fine condition, Finland with Ovals present, France with 1849 Ceres issues to 1f carmine and 1849 1f vermilion unused, 1859 postage due 10c (Yv.1) unused, Hamburg, Hannover, Great Britain incl. well margined & very fine unused 1840 1d black & 1840 VR Official 1d black with wide margins and fine with only small toning spots (cert.), plus revenues and College issues etc., Greece, Italy, Lubeck, Luxembourg, Mecklenburg, Modena, Naples, Netherlands, Papal States, Parma incl. the rare 1852 25c unused in extra fine condition, Poland, Portugal with Dona Maria to 100r and Colonies, Prussia, Romania with exceptionally fine Moldavia Bulls Heads 1858 54pa with only bottom margin barely touched (a new discovery, not mentioned in the Heimbuüchler census), Moldavia 108pa marginal cancelled Berlad, Romagne, Russia with Levant Ropit issues, Saxony with two used examples of the famous “Sachsen 3er”, Serbia, Sicily, Spain incl. the very rare 1851 2 reales unused with Scheller cert, rare unused telegrafos sets of 1864, 1865, 1866 and 1868 which are very fine and signed by Spanish experts, Sweden showing all the Skilling values, Switzerland with a fine array of Cantonals showing 1843 Geneva 5c left half-double & right half-double, 1843 Zurich 4Rp and 6Rp, 1845 Basel Dove 2 1/2Rp, rare unused Rayons and Strubels etc., Turkey with Toughra issues, local posts and DDSG, Tuscany rarities, Wurttemberg with many 18kr.

America (Amérique): Antigua, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, British Guiana with the famous Cotton Reels present incl. 1850 8c Cotton Reel cut round with wide margins all around, an extremely fine example that is among the finest known and a selection of the 1862 Provisionals, New Brunswick, Buenos Ayres, Chile, Canada, Columbia and States, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Grenada, Jamaica, Mexico with a very rare and fine 1867 mint 1/2r black on buff with gothic MEXICO overprint (Scott 35), Nevis, Newfoundland with 1857 1s scarlet-vermilion, a very beautiful example of this rare stamp, Nicaragua, Nova Scotia, Peru with an extremely fine 1858 1/2 peso yellow-buff (Scott 6) unused gem of this rarity and the only in this shade we have recorded as well as attractive Pacific Steam Navigation Company issues, Philippines, Prince Edward Island, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Uruguay incl. 1856 Diligencia, United States showing 1847 5c and 10c, plus a useful array of revenues and locals, Vancouver, Venezuela, Virgin Islands.

Oceania (Océanie): Hawaii, New South Wales with a fine range of Sydney Views, plus revenues, New Zealand, New Caledonia incl. a rare full sheet of the 1859 Triqeura, Queensland with Chalon Heads and revenues, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia with a fine array of Swan issues.

Africa (Afrique): Cape of Good Hope with triangulars including the Woodblock 1d pale bright blue error of colour instead of vermilion (SG 13ca, one of only 15 examples recorded of which 14 have some type of faults), and the 4d carmine error of colour instead of blue (SG 14ea) which is a much better than usual almost fine three margined example were only the right corner tip is slightly touched (only 19 examples of this famous stamp are recorded in the carmine shade of which 18 have some types of fault), Egypt with Suez Canal issues and some Interpostal seals, Liberia, Mauritius with array of primitives, Natal including the 1857-58 Embossed Issues, Orange Free State, St. Helena, Sierra Leone.

Asia (Asie): Ceylon showing 1859 Chalon Heads including very fine 8d brown used, Hong Kong selection of QV to 96c, India with all lithographs present and a valuable assembly of officials and telegraphs, Malacca (Strait Settlements), Shanghai locals with large and small dragons.

Condition: Some usual faults, repairs and other defects throughout, some reprints and forgeries, otherwise generally mixed to very fine

Expertise: Many of the key stamps have certificates and or experts signatures.

A wonderful opportunity to own a truly great worldwide collection which includes many of the iconic stamps that all collectors dream to one day own.