Lot 50047 – German States, Oldenburg – 1855-61 Issues, the sensational assembly of about 190 items

Lot 50047 – German States, Oldenburg – 1855-61 Issues, the sensational assembly of about 190 items
German States » Oldenburg
Price realised
12’000 EUR
12’000 EUR
Auction date
Wed 7 Dec 2022 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

German States, Oldenburg – 1855-61 Issues, the sensational assembly made up of about 190 items comprising:

1855 1/3sgr: one vermilion cliché on celluloid.

1859 Issue: including 1/3 groschen (this could include items for the same denomination in the 1861 issue) with six glass clichés, one in negative, the others in black, bistre and vermilion, including two dates “2/31” & “3/41”, three clichés on celluloid in vermilion and black, one annotated “22° x 5 x 1′ 30″ ” denoting that 5% of a chemical substance was used, and the exposure to light lasted 1 min 30 secs under 22°C temperature, as well as one hand signed definitive reproduction; the 2 groschen with negative master on film with hand painted surround, dated July 1941, this being the foundation for the later produced clichés and a key item in any lot of Sperati, five glass clichés of which one in negative, in red, vermilion and grey, one most rarely cancelled with by Sperati with pen strokes, four clichés on celluloid including one orange-vermilion on Verichrome (as annotated by Sperati) from Kodak with a sunlight exposure of 1 min 10 secs, the other three in back and red, one dated dec.-46 and described as “très bien ” (very good) by the artist, three trial exposures and three essays on wove paper; the 3 groschen exhibits three glass clichés, one in negative, two with vermilion shades, one with pencil cross as excluded, and vermilion cliché on celluloid dated December 1946.

1861 Issue: 1/4 groschen featuring two glass clichés on celluloid from Kodak (one designated “Veri” for Verichrome from Kodak), in vermilion and grey, the latter with a weak impression which was exposed to light for only 45 seconds; 1/2 groschen with one glass cliché in vermilion and two trial exposures, one dated “8/41” and 2 groschen with oen definitive reproduction.

Cancellations: a very comprehensive section with a wide variety of cancellations and abundant glass clichés with several including compositions of different postmarks, as well as clichés on celluloid, numerous negative glass clichés or celluloid clichés with painted retouches, a very interesting array of essays on paper with various including the fingerprints of Sperati with the purpose of testing inks, cutouts from auction catalogues with highlighted cancellations by using black ink.

The unique and comprehensive assembly of Oldenburg. Only one master negative and one cliché were part of the “Ultimate” collection and just six clichés or matrices are gathered in the archive of the Musée de la Poste in Paris.

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