Lot 30034
Egypt » German Post Offices
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Price realised
1’500 – 2’000 EUR
Auction date
Thu 20 Sep 2012 at 09:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1890-1911, Attractive group of 14 covers & cards neatly mounted & written up on album pages, showing an array of maritime mkgs including ‘DEUTSCHE-SEEPOST/MITTELMEER-LINIE c’, ‘DEUTSCHE SEEPOST/OST/ASIATISCHE/HAURTLONIE’, ‘DEUTSCHE SEEPOST/OST/ASIATISCHE/LINIE e’, ‘DEUTSCHE SEEPOST/OST/ASIATISCHE/LINIE f’, ‘KAIS DEUTSCHE/MARINE/SCHIFFS POST/No.2’, ‘KAIS DEUTSCHE/MARINE/SCHIFFS POST/No.50’, ‘KAIS DEUTSCHE/MARINE/SCHIFFS POST/No.68’ etc., plus array of transit & arrival markings, mostly all German or Egyptian frankings, a fine & scarce assembly (Est. € 1’500/2’000)
Catalogue value: 5600.00