Lot 30106

Russia » The “Nikolai” Collection of Romanov Essays and Proofs
Estimate: 1’200 – 1’500 EUR
Auction date: Tue 15 Jun 2021 at 13:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Auction: 2021 Spring Auction Series
Catalog: Russia, Soviet Union and Zemstvos
Sold for EUR 2’600
1913 Romanov Tercentenary 70k bi-colour proofs on chalk-surfaced paper, four examples in different colour combinations of frame and vignette, with the names of designer and engraver beneath the picture, odd small thin at top. Possibly from Tsar collection R. Lowe 1935 as described “70 kopecks: … Eighty-five bi-color die proofs of the complete stamp in various colors…” published in the Yamschik-Post Rider 1983, No 12, page 15.