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Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

German States – Hanover. 1858 (March 6). Cover front from Emden to Baltimore, paying the internal rate with 1856-57 1/15th or 2sgr featuring a spectacular left sheet-margin example (tiny tear at top very slightly touching the design), tied by blue cds on departure, repeated adjacent, 25c credited to the U.S. with Aachen red cds, « 11 » red crayon denoting payment of 11 sgr, carried by the Inman « City of Baltimore », and red « N. York/Br. Pkt/30/PAID » marking; a rare combination franking between cash and partial payment with a stamp.

Note: According to the 1852 Prussian-U.S. Postal Convention, the single rate was 30 cents per 1/2oz, including 5c for the U.S., 5c for Prussia and 20c comprising transit fees between both countries.

Référence catalogue: Michel 11