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17’000 EUR
8’000 – 12’000 EUR
Date de vente
Tue 15 Jun 2021 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1857-2010, Spectacular collection in 12 Lighthouse albums, mint & used with a few covers, incl. many good issues, varieties, essays, proofs, Specimens, as well as few forgeries, important items incl. very fine 1858 30k thick paper unused (Mi. 4x, €8’500, cert. Scheller), 20k very fine used signed Mikulski (Mi. 3x, €2’000), several very fine no.1s used incl. one with cert. Hovest mentioning unrecorded plate flaw, 1884 3.50R & 7R mint (Mi. 38-39), 1922 Overprints with many varieties, rare 1923 Mi.219B strip of four with sheet inscriptions, 1923 Mi. 214c mint nh with cert. Hovest (Zagorsky 99, $2’300), 1924 Typo 1k orange imperf. mint nh (cert. Hovest, Zverev 35b unpriced), 1924 various « OBRAZETS » perf. Specimens in strips and blocks, 1926 Esperanto Congress line perf. (Mi. 312C, cert. Scheller), 1933 Stratosphere Flight set mint nh, 1935 Moscow-San Fran two mint singles & one used, 1949 Lenin mini sheet perf. & imperf. unused, almost all the good sets included, many in mint nh and in general fine condition, also incl. an album of essays, proofs and varieties, a very interesting collection with great potential and many certificates.