Lot 63141 – 1882 Retouched Portraits set, both values (perf 13

Lot 63141 – 1882 Retouched Portraits set, both values (perf 13
Persia » 1876-1896 Nasr ed-Din Shah Issues
Prix réalisé
260 EUR
150 – 200 EUR
Date de vente
sam. 19 juin 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1882 Retouched Portraits set, both values (perf 13) tied by light red-brown cds (Khoy?) to cover with hs seals front (small neg. oval registration hs) and back, 5sh is Sadri type « a, » cover has slight toned spots, else fine and very appealing, signed Sadri & cert. Persiphila (2006) (Persiphila $1,000+ for 10sh on cover)

Note: 5sh paid internal postage, 10sh the registration fee; addressed to a cleric, Mirza Ahmad, and ms dated 14 Djamadi 2 (31 March 1885) with docketing, « received from Ali Khan, governor of Khoy »

505.050.002: Persia. General issues. 1876-1896 Nasserr-eddin Shah Qajar Issues (Persiphila 18-122) (SG 20-112)
Réf catalogue: 60B, 61B
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