Lot 10245

Egypt » Egyptian Post Offices Abroad » Consular Offices » Volo (Greece)
Estimation: 4’000 – 5’000 EUR
Date de vente: Mon 14 Jun 2021 at 14:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Vente: 2021 Spring Auction Series
Catalogue: Egypt – Chalhoub Part 4
Vendu pour EUR 8’500

1871 (13.5) Folded cover from Volo addressed to Sira, franked by 2nd Issue 1 piastre red, tied by V.R. POSTE EGIZIANE / VOLO / 13 MAG 1871 circular datestamp with a second strike alongside. A manuscript to pay the Greek internal rate of 20 lepta due from the addressee which was marked in red crayon, and so there is a Greek 20 Lepta blue Large Hermes Head affixed and tied by Sira circular datestamp, backstamped on arrival in Sira, an attractive and important exhibition showpiece

Expertise: Signed Hass