Lot 60105 – RUSSIA – ZEMSTVOS Collection of Count Stroganov (1852-1923)

Lot 60105 – RUSSIA – ZEMSTVOS Collection of Count Stroganov (1852-1923)
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4’600 EUR
4’000 – 7’000 EUR
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jeu. 6 juin 2019 at 18:00 (Europe/Zurich)

RUSSIA – ZEMSTVOS Collection of Count Stroganov (1852-1923)

The Count Sergueï Alexandrovitch Stroganoff was the last Heir of the Stroganoff Family. He died in 1923 and his collection of Russian Zemstvos was kept intact in the family of his second wife.

The collection is housed in a large old-time Yvert album and comprises 750 Zemstvos stamps arranged by Districts with the name written by his hand.

At the end of the album is a small section of Local posts incl. Morton stamps, DDSG, Formosa, Mount Currie, Tierra del fuego, Western Australia Coolgardie Cycle express, Madagascar. Plus duplication in a small stockbook. Unfortunately the whole has suffered sometimes from humidity.

A unique opportunity to acquire the intact Zemtvos collection of a famous Russian Historic people.

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