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A-Z: Balance of the « Alba » A-Z of Football collection in 3 albums, with stamps, mini sheets, covers, postcards and autographs, incl. Ajman famous players stamp sheetlets signed by Beckenbauer (2), Gerd Müller, Eusebio and Bobby Charlton, Canada 1968 cover signed by England players George Cohen, Norman Hunter, Mike Summerbee, etc., China 1963 Sports FDC, Lithuania 1938 Olympiad set on two official postcards with special cancels, Luxembourg 1933 Football Federation anniversary cancel, stronger South America incl. Nicaragua 1949 2c and 1Cor Specimens, cover signed by George Best, Sharjah famous players stamp sheetlets signed by Puskas, Di Stefano and covers signed Puskas and Stanley Matthews, etc., a great mix of items for the football enthusiast

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