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1851-1999, Attractive used collection in Lighthouse album of Denmark, Greenland and Danish West Indies, highlights include Denmark AFA 2bx with certificate (2 rbs disjoined foot var.), 15Ax (16 sk line perf. w/ plate flaw); Greenland AFA parcel post 2 w/ shield cancel; 4A (1 øre); 5C (2 øre, 2 sides perf). extras in folder include Denmark AFA 2a w/ certif. (Ferslew on piece w/ ‘F.P.’), 17a (3 sk invt wmk), 22x (3 øre missing A in ‘Danmark’), 30a (50 ø 1st printing), 35x (10 ø small corner num.), 58 line perf, 113n (20 ø line in K), advertising pairs 7, 11 and 13; SCADTA consular overprint cover; straight-line ‘Fra Indlandet’ on 1929 cancer essay on cover; Danish West Indies AFA 7Bxy cover, 11By (perf 12 ¾ invt wmk); Greenland AFA parcel post 2A1 (5 ø, 3 sides perf), 3A1a w/ certif. (10 ø, 1 side reperf), 3A2 (10 ø, 2 sides perf), 8A1b (15 ø, 2 sides reperf), 8A2 (15 ø, 2 sides perf), Facit P6v1 (ball over nose), AFA 1-7 FDC, also some Cinderallas, local post, revenues, perfins,, etc, mixed to fine (STC FACIT SEK500’000+)

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