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43’000 EUR
45’000 – 60’000 EUR
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Sat 22 Sep 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
The KILIAN NATHAN Collection of the Local Provincial Issues of Zelaya: Bluefields & Cabo Gracias a Dios (Scott N°1L1//2LO4) Seven-volume attractively mounted collection offered absolutely INTACT. Starting with two 1903 Corn Island Provisional covers, then showing both listed and unlisted issues in profusion, with printing and plate varieties, uses on covers (incl. some philatelic covers) and with rarity & value evenly dispersed throughout. Anyone who has attempted to collect these issues will appreciate the enormity of the accomplishment represented by this collection, which breaks out of the bounds of any printed catalogue with the diversity of issues, incl. revenues used for postage with ms validation, die proofs of the underlying stamps, UPU specimen sheets for issues no longer listed, and covers, covers, covers throughout. Also included is a section of Nicaragua Telegraph issues similarly mounted, some used postally. The owner firmly believed (and our own modest experience with this area causes us to concur) that these issues are among the scarcest in Latin American philately, outstripping the far more expensive classics in rarity by many multiples. As such, this collection, which literally took a lifetime to assemble, is the pinnacle of philatelic assembly, and could not be duplicated. For a collector looking for a « modern » area to exhibit, for a Latin America specialist intrigued by the possibilities, this is definitely the lot! Estimate: € 45’000 – € 60’000
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