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TIENTSIN: 1917 10k on 7k provisional postcard sent

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TIENTSIN: 1917 10k on 7k provisional postcard sent by a German officer in the P.O.W. camp at Khabarovsk (Siberia) to Tientsin, cancelled by illegible cds and ornamental framed « Postal Division / Prisoners of War / Khabarovsk Garrison » cachet, both in violet, received at Tientsin 9.10.17 (T&S type 6 cds) and struck with two censor hs and oval « Dopltatit / Tientsin » (To Pay) hs with ms 16k, reverse with six-line « Received by the Sending (Department) Damaged / By Fire in the Baggage (Car) on the Train at / Station Borzya 23 September 1917 / Manager/Railway Postal Department / Post Telegraph Clerk… » cachet, described in the « British Journal of Russian Philately » no.31 (1962) as the first recorded Russian wreck cover, Tientsin « Doplatit » unrecorded by T&S, unique showpiece
天津:1917年,10戈比加蓋7戈比郵資卡由德國官員(任職哈巴羅夫(西伯利亞)戰俘營)寄天津,銷不清晰日戳及銷 »郵政部/戰俘/哈巴羅夫駐軍 »戳,兩枚皆為紫色,另銷天津到達戳(1917.10.9)(T&S6型),亦見銷兩枚郵檢戳及 »支付/天津 »橢圓戳,手寫16戈比,背銷六行戳 »收到由發送方(部門)損壞/火車上的郵包被火燒/博爾賈站1917年9月23日/經理/鐵路郵局/郵政電部文員… »在 »British Journal of Russian Philately » 雜誌第31期 (1962)刊載,為第一個被損壞的俄國客郵封,天津支付戳未被T&S記錄,為惟一展品。
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