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TIENTSIN: 1918 Dispatch document (complete) for se

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TIENTSIN: 1918 Dispatch document (complete) for sending valued at 60R to Kharkov, franked with « KITAI » 4k, 14k and 70k (3) tied by Tientsin 31.8.16 cds (T&S type 6), red value declared (valeur declarée) label, sent via the Japanese P.O. at Changchun, rare as normally the left hand side « Coupon » was detached on arrival.
天津;1918年,寄送文件,內含60盧布寄哈爾科夫,貼俄國客郵4戈比及14戈比,7戈比三枚,銷天津圓日戳(1916.8.31)(T&S6型),貼紅色價值已清貼紙,經長春日本客郵局,十分罕有因為 »Coupon »應位於左手邊,但此出現於收到處。
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