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Why sell through David Feldman?

David Feldman is one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses. We hold several world record realisations selling more Grand-prix and award-winning collections than any other company in history.


We are your reliable partner for the sale and purchase of philatelic properties, from single stamps to collections, exhibits and estates.


Our mission is simple: YOUR results matter to us, and we will do our best to secure the maximum possible results for our vendors, through friendly, flexible arrangements and services, intelligent promotion and presentation, and reliable financial strengths. We are able to find for you the rare and unusual, from a small attractive addition to the pièce de résistance of your collection, with a range of material to interest collectors from all areas of philately – and we have been for over 40 years.

The choice of whom to entrust with the sale of your collections or estate is probably the most important decision any collector will make. The wrong choice may have disastrous results; the right choice will enable you to reap the rewards of years, decades or a lifetime of dedication to your avocation. Therefore, please read the following and consider the very real advantages of choosing David Feldman SA as your reliable partner. Or contact us at one of our international offices and we can discuss your options with you, at your convenience and without obligation.

When choosing a company or individual to proceed with the sale of a substantial philatelic property, there are several factors to keep in mind:



Is the company long-established, financially sound, a reliable partner with whom to do business? Are they capable of discretion, proper accounting, expert descriptions and preparation for sale? Can they provide a substantial cash advance prior to sale? Can they properly evaluate the cash value of the holdings? Will the property be fully insured until you are fully paid?

At David Feldman SA, we have been in the international auction business for over 40 years, and sold properties consigned from every continent. Many of our catalogues have won awards, and become sought-after references. Our multi-lingual staff, reference library and network of outside experts and consultants enable us to present every property to its maximum intelligent advantage, and our financial resources enable us to provide virtually any amount as a pre-sale advance. Our insurance covers your property from the moment your shipment is sent, to the moment of final settlement.


Many companies claim they get the “best prices,” so what makes one a better choice than another? At David Feldman SA, we stand on our long record of obtaining WORLD RECORD PRICES for items from every area of philately, as well as routinely achieving outstanding results for stamps, covers, collections, lots and estates, through our series of auctions several times a year. We have a tradition of innovation in promoting and marketing rare stamps and postal history to the whole world, and for us – as for you – results matter. As proof, we have sold more “Large Gold” and “Grand Prix” exhibit collections than any other auction company, ever!

Unique factors

What other factors separate David Feldman SA from the others? First, our global network of representatives can arrange to evaluate your philatelic property or estate on site, and make all the arrangements. Second, no other company has the ability to have auction rooms in several places simultaneously, when warranted, as well as allowing live bidding with live audio over the internet from anywhere in the world. Each sale, bidders from over 40 countries take advantage of this and prices go skyward accordingly.

Finally, we provide friendly, straight-forward informal service, and as your reliable partner, we are always glad to answer a question or explain a process to you. Try us! Find out what your selling options are.

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