Mauritius stamps private treaty 2015 David Feldman

Selling by Private Treaty

To sell by Private Treaty is suitable only for the rare and specialist material we receive.

Often award winning exhibition collections are offered this way, as breaking down such collections would take something away from the whole and offering the collection intact is of more interest in order to preserve the collection.

It is also suitable for rare, very rare and unique items, which perhaps only a handful of collectors can afford. Items that, because of their rarity, deserve their price, but might be unable to reach that if offered on the open market. This can be particularly true for items from areas of philately that are less collected or just currently not in fashion.

Due to our excellent relationships with our clients, we are in the position to know exactly the type of items they are looking for, and therefore what would be appropriate for sale by private treaty.

Selling such rare and specialist material via a Private Treaty can have both advantages and disadvantages; the advantage of this method of sale is that a transaction can often be completed faster than through public auction, and at a comparable price; such sales are, as the name suggests, also completely confidential for both buyer and seller. A potential disadvantage of this method of sale is that the fixed price precludes any possible gains from competing bidders.

Please contact us at one of our offices if this method of selling your collection or outstanding rarity interests you.

We invite you to discover the items available in Private Treaty in real time.